Tatum’s C# SDK is now live to quickly build blockchain apps for 40+ protocols


Oct 25, 2021
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Tatum, a , announced today the launch of a C# based SDK. With the new Tatum C# SDK, users can build full-fledged apps for over 40 blockchain protocols.

The C# SDK offers over 300 API endpoints, and developers can perform a wide range of blockchain operations on any supported blockchain, from generating wallets, addresses, and private keys, to deploying, minting, transferring and burning various types of tokens, to and deploying ready-to-go backend smart contract features.


  • With the C# SDK, developers can generate wallets and sign transactions locally, so private keys never leave the security perimeter. Moreover, the API key is stored as an environment variable, so users never even have to send an API key over the internet. Using “Client” methods in the SDK ensures the highest degree of security by keeping sensitive data on-premise.
  • Developers can build everything from multi-chain NFT marketplaces to crypto exchanges and multi-currency wallet apps to any conceivable blockchain-based solution without needing to learn a new programming language.
“With Tatum’s infrastructure, you’ll never need to install or worry about keeping your nodes in sync. Our DevOps teams work around the clock to make sure you can build seamless blockchain apps on 40+ protocols without ever having to factor in the time and costs associated with running nodes.”

Those interested can learn more and download the C# SDK from the .

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