Flexible Staking Now Live on Bybit’s ByFi Center


Oct 25, 2021
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Bybit recently launched on its ByFi Center. This new service allows traders to stake , , , and USDC to earn stable and guaranteed yields. Participants will receive yield every day for their staked tokens.

Traders can get started by staking at least 0.01 , 0.001 , 50 USDC, or 50 . For newer traders with a lower risk appetite, they can get started with either USDC or , as these flexible staking products have lower entry points.

The staked tokens can be unstaked by participants at any point in time.

All traders, whether seasoned or new, are eligible to participate in Flexible Staking as no KYC verification is required right now.

ByFi Center is Bybit’s asset management platform. It helps both new and veteran traders grow their crypto assets easily. Other than Flexible Staking, ByFi Center also offers DeFi Mining, Dual Asset Mining, and Launchpool.

Established in 2018, is one of the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency trading platforms. Trusted by millions of users, it also offers Spot and Derivatives trading across three contracts with best-in-class liquidity so traders are always placed in optimal positions to make the best trades. Bybit’s recent Launchpad and Launchpool platforms have also opened the gateways to supporting brand new and credible projects early — truly an exclusive for traders!

More information about Flexible Staking can be found . Terms and conditions apply.

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