Coinbase Prime partners with Marex to broaden crypto derivatives capabilities


Oct 25, 2021
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Marex Solutions, a division of Marex Group that specializes in customized derivative products, and Coinbase Prime, a crypto-custodian and , today announced a new partnership that will broaden both companies’ institutional crypto investment and hedging capabilities.

This partnership combines Marex Solutions’ expertise in building derivative solutions and Coinbase Prime’s crypto custody, liquidity, and prime services. It will allow both firms to expand their respective crypto product offerings, with Marex Solutions and Coinbase Prime’s institutional clients gaining access to a broader universe of structured products based on underlying crypto-assets

The agency-only model adopted by Coinbase Prime suits Marex Solutions’ derivatives engine, allowing for multi-venue liquidity and best execution, enabling attractive pricing and reliable secondary market liquidity

With institutional customers wanting access to more than just the underlying asset, Marex Solutions is today offering a broad range of products within a wide list of crypto-underlyings, either in a securitized or in an over-the-counter (OTC) format. It already has several innovations in the crypto market, including the first-ever auto-callable on a cryptocurrency and the first-ever securitized cash and carry trade on bitcoin.

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